SOTERIACODE Security tools asses the vulnerability of written code programs enabling the development of secure products and operations rather than “patching” them afterwards which is a far greater and more costly effort. In addition, it shows students the common problems and vulnerabilities various software developers encounter.

Secure Code
  • Assess vulnerabilities in written programming code sections
  • Develop secure products rather than patching them afterwards.

Implement cyber security controls throughout all of the SDLC (System Design Life Cycle) stages, ensuring secure code development through testing and implementation to prevent major problems in operation.

Interactive hands-on training experience with clear guidance on solving relevant code vulnerabilities.

Identify and analyze all software security aspects using a holistic unified platform.

Gain full visibility of software composition to have better control of the development stages.

Improving the effectiveness and quality of the code development process.

Determine and analyze acceptable levels of risk during the early stages to aid the decision-making process for new features development.