Soteria’s CyberOctagon portfolio provides a complete cyber-defense suite comprised of Cyber Security and Intelligence Training, Technology and Services to ensure the safety and security of critical assets, operations and citizenry. Our portfolio provides a full set of tools, operations and methods in order to achieve the required level of defense, with proved track-performance delivery of strategic solutions and operations to nations, enterprises and industries around the world.




Education Training Courses

Soteria’s experts share a wide experience in establishing wide scale operations, policies, and strategic solutions to provide cyber resilience to major organizations. Providing a complete turn key solution for establishing enterprise cyber and technology academies building the required HR capacity to cope with sophisticated cyber-threats, giving essential qualifications and skills to: Security Analysts, Security Managers, Security Auditors, Intelligence Analysts, Threat Hunters, Expert Investigators (CERT), including tailored expertise program for specific organizations. Read more

Cyber and Networks Simulators

The unique architecture of Soteria's training platforms provide hands-on training and track-performance, simulating real-world networks and defense - attack scenarios developed by military and industry experts boasting high levels of gamification, providing a competitive training environment and facilitating continuous learning and improvement of both students and trainers. Read more

Assessments & Gap Analysis

The SoteriaREV services provide a comprehensive information security view, reflecting a clear picture of the current risks and vulnerabilities of the customer’s organization and offering an adequate technology, policy and procedural solutions to mitigate relevant risks in order to achieve an optimal level of cyber defense. Providing 3 layer solutions offering from Pentesting, risks and vulnerability management to organizational security audits assisting our clients to rich compliance and ongoing improvement of their security system. Read more

End-Point Networks Protection

Following an assessment process or upon specific request, Soteria provides a complete design and installation of solutions required to close the gap towards compliance and to a meet security goals and risks level, offering effective technology tools and procedures integrated seamlessly in the client's operation. Read more

OT / IT Security

Our ICS/SCADA technology platforms provide clear visibility into critical infrastructure networks functionality, monitoring all communication and physical interfaces and detecting anomalies in terms of proper operation, security and safety risks. We provide unique platforms tailored to the specific industry and customers environment. Specifying the essence of all subsystem's functionality and the requested levels of service, security and safety, developing compatible solution design and configuring technological and cyber sensors accordingly. Read more

Cyber Rapid Response

Penetration Testing Services are a vital tool for any organization's cyber security as a proactive approach providing essential insights regarding probable threats and vulnerabilities. Revealing essential knowledge regarding how attackers think in order to improve the overall level of cyber defense and response to cyber-attacks. Read more

Intelligence Solutions

The SoteriaINTEL set of solutions allows governments and organizations to detect and respond quickly to evolving security threats and attacks before they strike, adopting a pro-active security approach. Read more

Detect Analyze Respond

The CyberSOC is designed to cope with cyber-attacks and protect organizations from severe damages. The Security Operation Center (SOC) is the heart of the information security eco-system providing clear visibility into security threats compromising the organization. Soteria offers end-to-end establishment of security operation centers, collecting and correlating data from a wide range of sources supporting the protected organizations security controls with centralized monitoring and detection and incidents response capabilities, offering new developed solutions according to the ever-evolving cyber-threat environment. Read more