The spread of the novel coronavirus has disrupted almost every aspect of daily life, forcing hundreds of millions of people to embrace new routines and ways of working. The number of workers doing home office has increased dramatically over the past month and is expected to continue rising. With remote working comes new challenges; not only in terms of logistics and communication, but also in relation to information and cybersecurity.

Threat agents have been quick to capitalize on the vulnerabilities created by the spread of the virus. The high volume of searches related to the disease leaves users at an increased risk of cyberattacks carried out via spoofed websites and malicious links. The lack of security in employees’ home environments is also a major issue for businesses. Users working from personal devices with insufficient endpoint security leave companies wide open to ransomware and information theft.

This is an unsettling and challenging time for individuals and businesses alike, but there are ways to help protect corporate interests. Soteria offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to prevent, detect and mitigate the threats posed by cybercriminals. From awareness courses that teach employees how to identify and avoid attacks to endpoint and network protection solutions, we can help you to safeguard company assets.

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Cyber Security in the Age of Industry 4.0