Using Wi-Fi to “see”
behind closed doors

Using Simple Technology, Wi-Fi Vision Can See Through Walls

At Soteria, we take security seriously.  Whether in cyberspace or in your living space, we want you to know you’re safe.

That’s why we think you need to know about Wi-Fi vision. It’s a recent discovery, so you probably haven’t heard about it yet.

Wi-Fi vision allows anyone with a smartphone to see into any building, at any time. That includes private homes.

Okay, let’s clarify something.  Wi-Fi vision doesn’t allow an intruder to “see” into your home in a traditional sense.  But it can pick up on whether or not there is any human movement in a given space.

In other words, your Wi-Fi router can easily tell someone when you are home and when you are not. It’s not hard to imagine the dangerous situations that could arise if this technique gets into the wrong hands.

How does it work?

Every Wi-Fi transmitter emits an electromagnetic forcefield.  When humans move through this field, they alter it, reflecting and refracting the waves as they go.  So theoretically, human movement can be tracked by noticing changes in any given Wi-Fi signal. Still, the concept of Wi-Fi vision was mostly speculation until Yanzi Zhu and his colleagues at the University of California at Santa Barbara discovered exactly how to use it.

Click here for an in-depth explanation of their discovery.

How can I protect myself against Wi-Fi vision?

For the moment, no one knows the best way to protect ourselves from Wi-Fi vision.  But we’re working towards a solution.  For example, one thing could mitigate this threat is adding more “noise” to the Wi-Fi signals to distract the Wi-Fi sniffers.

Soteria knows that using Wi-Fi vision can be a major invasion of privacy.  Our experts are working diligently to find a solution that keeps you safe.



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