Colombia 13-14 of March Soteria @
White-Hat Conference


We are very proud to have participated in the cybersecurity conference in Bogota organized by the National Police of Colombia and the ESTIC (Escuela de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones) and are delighted by the enthusiasm with which we were received.

At the conference, we led a Cyber Challenge Hackathon. The competition was hosted on CYWARIA, SOTERIA’s cyberwar simulation platform. CYWARIA challenges participants with examples of real-world cybercrime, and requires them to employ malware analysis, forensics, code injection, reverse engineering and a variety of other techniques in order to complete the challenge.

The Cyber Challenge Hackathon saw 12 of Colombia’s leading cybersecurity teams representing universities, the police, military, etc., competing against each other for 10 hours in an effort to solve the challenge.

The responses that we received from the participants exceeded our expectations. It was widely described as a “unique, realistic experience that has put to test our cyber capabilities in a fun and challenging atmosphere that we have never experienced before”.

SOTERIA’s experts gave a number of interesting presentations on recent developments in the domain of cybersecurity, all well-received by the over 700 attendees at the conference.

Furthermore, SOTERIA’s conference booth drew a great deal of attention and we were fortunate enough to have scheduled meetings with the majority of the region’s cybersecurity organizations, including intelligence, military, university, law enforcement and many others.

Together with Universidad Sergio Arboleda, we announced our alliance and commitment to design, establish and co-sponsor formational cyber programs, as well as the first Cyber Excellence Center in Latin America.

Our participation in the conference, as well as our announced alliance with Universidad Sergio Arboleda, enjoyed some attention from the local media – see an article from “La Republica”

With a central Latin American branch office in Colombia, SOTERIA has established itself as a reference in the Latin American cybersecurity market and looks forward to empowering local government and enterprise clients with the systems, education and enthusiasm required to lead.

The Soteria booth in the White-Hat Conference