SOTERIA’S penetration testing platform simulates lifelike incidents to review the security level of data systems and processes. The CYTERIA platform provides insightful reviews of the various network facets, enabling IT and security managers to review and improve the level of defense against up-to-date cyber-attack techniques. CYTERIA forms an extremely significant part towards compliance with recent regulations as it provides customized, periodic vulnerability and risks assessments in a clear effective manner as well as corrective actions towards a secure operation of your organization.

  • Business Risks
  • Data Summary
  • Network Status map
  • Network Risk Trends
  • Critical Assets and Processes
  • Attack path scenarios
  • Hosts Vulnerabilities
  • Business Processes Vulnerabilities

Provides continuous automated penetration testing and vulnerabilities management capabilities using lifelike scenarios over the network.

Training and learning how to design a secure IT network with adequate protection of organizational assets and processes.

Clearly comprehend the cyber security risks in their network and providing them with guidance on how to remediate vulnerabilities in an effective and thoughtful manner.

User-friendly interface that can be easily customized in accordance with clear and insightful reviews and proper guidance.

Provides up-to-date analysis and reports of relevant threats and vulnerabilities, offering pointed remediation plans on a periodic basis.

Business oriented processes evaluating the effect of each asset vulnerability on the organizational processes it serves, evaluating critical assets and processes.

Significant step towards maintaining a healthy information security management system and comply with latest standards and regulations.

Can be deployed globally, hoping from a workstation in the UK to a router in the US to a database in Germany managed by a single enterprise dashboard.