Every sophisticated or simple, large- or small-scale cyber-attack starts with a certain weakness or fault of some entity (digital or physical) allowing the attacker to gain first grip on one’s private space potentially gaining access to sensitive information and to a far greater network. It is also evident that 90% of all cyber-attacks are generated from social engineering acts, a psychological manipulation driving people to perform compromising actions and/or giving sensitive information without their necessary conscience. Cyber security starts with the day to day exposure and digital habits of each and every one of us.

  • run social engineering campaigns within the organization
  • testing personal awareness and day-to-day habits

Ensures that good cyber security habits are adopted by the client’s personnel.

Constantly testing awareness of cyber space and social engineering attempts.

Social engineering attacks simulations that mimic real-life scenarios.

Provides track performance overtime to see progress across several campaigns.

Campaigns are framed within a competitive program igniting trainees’ motivation and alertness.

Highly customizable to meet client’s needs and relevant topics.

Training materials are constantly updated to keep pace with the highly dynamic threat landscape.