Social media platforms store huge amounts of data related to individual’s activities, opinions and experiences. If this data is exposed to the public, then it can intentionally or unintentionally harm personal and organizational or business security. Businesses are often compromised by their own employees on a daily basis and have no clear picture of the implications of their employees’ activities in social media. Additionally, Businesses are exposed to new breed of attacks, compromising the organization through social media platforms with targeted phishing, malware delivery and data loss.

Social Media
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Indicators of compromise
  • Information Security policy implementation
  • No harm to individual privacy.

Provides critical visibility to all social media activities related to the organization, its employees and customers.

Applies automated security controls to protect the organization from external social media threats.

Detects negative and/or hostile activity that can damage business brand and reputation.

Automates planning and implementation of security policies on social media to provide effective, real-time protection without harming flexibility and employee privacy.