There have been unprecedented advancements made in the integration of IT tools for better management and more effective operation of critical industrial systems providing full connectivity for real-time control and management. Simultaneously, these innovations have also exposed the industrial environment to new modern cyber threats to operations and essential public services posing a real and substantial danger.

Business Driven
Risks Assessment
  • Upon New Development/Acquisition
  • Upon System Modification
covering the entire


  • Internal: Technological changes, operational and business processes changes.
  • External: Evolving Technologies, competition, customers, Regulations, cyber threats.

Engage management and board in the information security plan; understanding its importance and essence.

Sharpens business goals and strategy against related security and business risks.

Improves cross-organization processes making them more secure and effective.

Automates, correlates and integrates the implementation of policy changes in security devices (firewalls, IPS, network devices and platforms, cloud security controls etc.).

Visualize the entire map of business application connectivity network assessing risks and implementing policy requirements.

Foster synchronization between business apps. and collaboration between security teams.

Significantly speeds up and improves the security policy change management process.

Ensures network design and proposed changes comply with security standards and corporate policy.