Every button we click, every website we view and every comment that we make leaves a trace which reveals a great deal about ourselves, our interests and our preferences. A cutting-edge web intelligence system designed to play a critical role in web-based investigations. WINTERIA’s advanced analytic tools help drive simulated investigations that dive deep into both the Web and the Darknet, linking networks of association as well as common emotions throughout various population segments.

  • Link Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Geolocation
  • Deep Search
  • Identity Search
  • Human Intelligence (Humint)
  • The Darknet

Mapping connections between entities using link analysis.

Presenting public opinion trend maps based on information collected from various media sources.

Posts, tweets and events on social networks are displayed on a geographically active map containing all geo-tagged entities related to the analyzed data, enabling the investigation of data within a geographical context.

Live Monitoring of social media networks using sophisticated algorithms.

Searching for targets using dedicated search engines within the system.

Avatar Management, from creation to fully-operating entities.

Penetrating the darkest part of the internet, blending into the crowd and tracking down cyber criminals.