In today’s hectic urban environment with its rapidly increasing population, municipal resources and infrastructure are under great strain, and challenges to the safety and security of people and assets continually rise. Municipal authorities are required to provide the highest level of services, and create a safe, secure and stable environment that ensures the wellbeing of residents and visitors and enables the uninterrupted flow of urban life, even in times of emergency.

Soteria takes a holistic and integrative approach while addressing dynamic urban challenges and offers municipal authorities a comprehensive smart city solution that supports and enhances stakeholder capabilities to efficiently manage their urban environments, as well as protect people, critical infrastructure, government and public buildings, venues and transportation hubs.

Our end-to-end, multi-functional smart and safe city solutions integrate advanced monitoring systems, intelligence platforms, command and control centers, communication technologies and innovative products and services designed to meet the specific and unique challenge of each municipal entity – from law enforcement and security agencies, through infrastructure, water and energy providers, to transportation and municipal authorities.

Smart Traffic Solutions for Smart Cities

Embedded sensors gather data and provide sophisticated analytics and real-time insights that improve traffic flow and reduce travel times; enable fast access to workplaces, campuses and business centers; speed emergency response times; provide better driving experiences and ensure a better and more efficient use of time and a higher quality of life.

Smart Grid Solutions for Smart Cities

Intelligent integration of grid devices, sensors and real-time analysis platforms, all working together to improve the reliability of electricity services for consumers by identifying and resolving faults on the electricity grid, better managing voltage and identifying infrastructure requiring maintenance.

Smart Transportation Solutions for Smart Cities

Productive and proactive utilization data gathered from varied sensors and devices providing insights that increase efficiency, safety and reliability as well as coordination across transport networks, reducing traffic congestion and helping passengers and drivers choose the fastest and most efficient routes; ensuring the timely transportation of both people and goods.

Smart Governance Solutions for Smart City

Real-time and online citizen engagement platform, connecting citizens with city authorities and services, and enabling an open, transparent, positive and productive dialogue and exchange of information between people and authorities.