Soteria is a complete turnkey projects integrator.

We provide clients with end-to-end solutions in the initiation phase, collaborate with them to define relevant goals and roadmaps, and finally implement the recommended solution.

We ensure the availability and expertise of qualified human resources to spearhead and manage our clients’ projects.  All of our employees have undergone rigorous academic and professional training programs on the national and enterprise levels.

Over the years, Soteria has displayed a phenomenal track record with respect to capacity building as we are extremely adept in screening personnel and developing training programs and roadmaps according to client needs.

Soteria offers academic and training programs, unit formation, and professional HR capacity, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and best practices required to meet today’s challenges.

We help our clients recruit the right personnel, equip them with the most robust tools available and train them by utilizing the most progressive methods.

As a result, we are able to consistently meet client’s evolving needs, requirements, and constraints while maintaining a high operational level at all times.

Serving our clients from project initiation: identifying goals, threats and opportunities, and translating them into concrete project plans with clear objectives and requirements. We utilize our extensive security and safety consultancy expertise to help customers identify risks and vulnerabilities through a comprehensive understanding of their business environment and operations as well as any contractual or legal obligations. Providing insightful security and safety system reviews in accordance with the latest regulations and standards related to the security and safety of client business activity. We share our broad operational knowledge with customers by assisting them in identifying and analyzing their vulnerabilities and empowering them by instituting an effective concept of operations.
Breakdown of all subsystems of the required platform including adequate technical specification, interfaces and networks architecture design relevant to all of the project’s facets: Building, Technology, Operational Processes, Training and Implementation Plan. We offer our clients a full spectrum of custom designed technologies and physical platforms utilizing compatible security concepts and operational procedures. Modeling and simulation play an important role in our design process, allowing us to fully exploit our vast experience and knowledge throughout the development of our solutions.
Project Management
We put an emphasis on the development of intimate relationships with our clients so as to gain a deeper understanding with respect to their needs, goals and constraints, while ensuring that Budgetary, Performance and Schedule guidelines are met throughout the project Life Cycle: *Concept Approval – Assuring that we tailor the optimal solution for each project and answering each client’s specific needs. *CDR – Critical design review of all project’ subsystems to meet the outlined requirements in the initiation phase and throughout the process. *Installation – Systems installation and solution deployment at client’s site including thorough check of each system and its overall functionality. *Maintenance and Support – Providing required technical support and assisting the client in implementing our technology and operational solutions.
On-Site Installation
Our professional field teams are experienced in carrying out complex, on-site installation projects, collaborating with local client teams and representatives. We integrate a wide range of technologies and operations to provide end-to-end, turnkey solutions comprised of complex systems that require high fault-tolerance and availability as well as multi-disciplinary expertise.
Maintenance & Support
Providing managerial and technical maintenance and support, maintaining a close relationship and long-term partnership with our clients. Providing professional experts as focal point for our projects, operations and technologies backed by dedicate teams for support and maintenance according to pre-defined SLA.
On-site academy establishment
End-to-end facility construction/renovation; offering clients and students the optimal training and learning environment boasting the most advanced platforms, engaging simulations and study materials as well as instruction provided by our team of experienced experts..
Seasoned courses
Ad-hoc courses according to client’s request, provided on-premise by our expert trainers according to the associated syllabus.
Online courses
Use our on-line packages for professional qualification in cyber and intelligence; providing up-to-date videos, learning materials, labs, and exams, featuring our user-friendly learning management system with performance tracking, interactive student-trainer feedback, chat, forums and more.