A Safer Cyberspace
in 2019

The EU cybersecurity certification framework

Within the next year, the EU will establish a cybersecurity certificate system for ICT products and services that will likely affect you and your company. The proposal is one of “a number of actions to increase resilience and enhance cybersecurity preparedness,” according to the European Commission. This common framework for EU-wide valid cybersecurity certificates will mitigate substantial risks within the single market.

Sounds like a big deal, right? That’s because it is.  At Soteria, we’re ready to move everyone into a safer cyber world.

ENISA’s role in the new framework

ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) is a EU agency that was founded in 2004 in response to a growing need for cyber security. The agency will have a central role in implementing this new initiative.  For almost 15 years, ENISA has vigilantly educated, protected and served industries within the public and private sectors on everything having to do with cyber safety.

ENISA: Educating the masses in cybersecurity

“Everyone has a role in keeping the Internet safer.”

-Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director of ENISA.

How has ENISA been so successful? ENISA is committed to cybersecurity education and they provide seemingly endless educational opportunities. ENISA offers yearly training programs such as Cyber Europe 2018 (CE2018) where thousands of participants from across Europe come together to solve real life technical crises.

ENISA’s online educational portfolio is extremely vast and includes resources on Cloud and Big Data Security, Data Protection and Cyber Crisis Management, amongst dozens of other important topics.  The comprehensive list of cyber education topics can be found here. ENISA also provides free downloads for hundreds of publications, reports and studies across different technological subjects to help businesses feel confident about their cyber security.

Not surprisingly, ENISA’s event calendar is flush with events, workshops, trainings and conferences allowing you to feel even more secure in your business endeavors.

In 2019, Internet changes and challenges are abound.  At Soteria, we’ll be facing them head on.  Will you join us?



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